"I asked him for money, he told me to go and hustle" - Kidnap suspect reveals how he planned the abduction of a man who drives 'big cars' in Nasarawa

One of the two members of a kidnap gang responsible for the abduction of two patients and a nurse from a clinic in Nasarawa state, has revealed how he arranged the kidnap of a rich Igbo businessman after he refused to give him money.  LIB reported that gunmen on Saturday, October 31, 2020, stormed Kunwarke clinic and maternity in Kan-stakuwa area of Lafia and abducted two patients and a nurse.   The gang collected the sum of N4 million as ransom from family and friends of the victims before freeing them.  The two suspects, Abdullahi Danshoho and Illiyasu Salley, were arrested by policemen attached to the Federal Investigation Bureau – Intelligence Response Team (FIB-IRT) led by Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari, while three members of the gang are still on the run.  In his confessional statement to the Police, Abdullahi Danshoho, 25, a married father of four and a National Certificate of Education (NCE) holder admitted to have receiving N100,000 as his own share of the money collected as ransom. "It was difficult to get a truck and as a father I needed to do something to be seen as a man. It was during this critical period of my life that I met a friend, Illiyasu, in September 2020. It was he who told me that kidnapping was the only way out. As a member of the gang, my job is to source for would be victims who have money," he said.  Danshoho said he had participated in five operations including the kidnap of a rich Igbo businessman, who refused to give him money. "Since October that I joined the gang, I have participated in five kidnap operations. Three of them were successful. It was after the fifth one that I advised myself. I am a graduate with four children. I told myself that I should be careful before I disgrace my family. I stopped going out with them since December 2020. "The first successful one was in Lafia where we picked an Igbo man. He lives around my area and drives big cars. I have asked him for money severally and he told me to go and hustle. I decided to give his details to Illiyasu who arranged the job. I only provided the information needed and at the end they gave me only N100,000. "The second successful job was arranged by Illiyasu. We went to a clinic in Lafia. The clinic is where we normally go for treatment. My job is to confirm if the Medical director of the hospital was around. On the day we attacked, I was very sure that he was in the hospital. Unfortunately, he managed to escape, that was why we kidnapped those sick people. "After some days, they gave me N100,000 as my share. I did not complain because they told me that the sick persons were farmers and the nurse is from a poor family. I later learnt that they collected N4 million but they lied to me. "A week later I brought the third job which was also successful. It was my friend we kidnapped. We used to hang out. I decided to kidnap him because I was sure that his parents can afford to pay for his release. They gave N1.5million and my share was N100. It was when he came back sick that I regretted my action. He told me everything that happened” he added.  On his part Illiyasu Salleh, 24, who hails from Maraba, Lafia in Nasarawa state, said he was into cattle rearing and farming but quit because they did not fetch him enough income. He said he decided to go into kidnapping "because it is an easy way to make money" "I only attended Arabic school. I am a cattle rearer and a farmer. I have 10 cows and it was given to me by the people that I served. Normally, if you serve someone, they will pay you with two cows. I decided to go into kidnapping because it’s an easy way to make money. It was Maikano, Bodejo and Miagari. We have the hideout in Nasarawa state where we keep victims,” he added. Narrating how the kidnapping at the hospital was carried out, he said Danshoho, who the nurses well know, pretended as if he came for treatment of headache. "I was outside. My gang members, Maigari, Bodejo and others (at large), entered the clinic but did not see the director. It was like he heard the gunshot and escaped before they could reach him. Maigari then decided to abduct two patients and a nurse." He admitted receiving N200,000 as his own share of the ransom money collected from those they abducted from the hospital in Lafia. "After a ransom was paid, l got N200,000 and was angry. I threatened to expose them if they did not give me an extra share. I got an additional N100,000 but I don't know the actual amount that was collecte The police said the three fleeing members of the gang escaped with six AK 47 rifles and several rounds of ammunition belonging to the gang. The post "I asked him for money, he told me to go and hustle" - Kidnap suspect reveals how he planned the abduction of a man who drives 'big cars' in Nasarawa appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.
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