The Big 3.0 Review... Life Nuggets You Need To Know Before You Are 30

 The Big 3.0 Review Life Nuggets You Need To Know Before You Are 30Your thirties are the most significant years of your life. What makes it so, is the reflection of the former years of your life. Whatever work you put in during your twenties, is the result you get during your thirties.  Every step of your life influences your journey to success, this is why you ought to know what steps you should be taking. The Big 3.0 is a must-read for every teenager and youth. It exposes over 20 nuggets that every youth aspiring to succeed must know. You might even be in your 20s right now, but by 30, these nuggets will help you sit in a bigger chair. Making something good of your life is an aspiration everyone should have, even at an early age. It is not enough to have dreams, you should do everything within your power to reach for them and birth them to reality. This book shares real-life lessons of the writer, who has successfully battled through his twenties. The big 3.0 doesn’t just leave you with tips on how to climb the ladder of success, it prepares your mind about the mistakes to avoid, and the challenges which would most likely be encountered on the journey to success. Unlike motivational books which highlight the secrets to success, this book goes a mile further. It is a combination of two intellectual minds, who share the secret of their journey through success, and they give you practical accounts of it. The book has 20 chapters and a bonus chapter. Each of these chapters exposes a valuable lesson, backed up by real-life experiences of the authors. It also gives an insight into actionable steps you can take to live out these nuggets.  Mind-blowing nuggets are highlighted in the concluding part of the book. They can easily be pinned and used as life references. The Big 3.0 is well written to enable readers find it very difficult to drop till the final word.   The author of this book, Solomon Ojeagbase is a graduate of International Relations from Covenant University. As a result of his constant reach for success, he proceeded to get an MBA from the prestigious Lagos Business School.  Moving forward, he is the Manager of the Online Division at Complete Sports. He has been making big moves as far as the world of sports and blogging is concerned.  You can reach him on social media @tosinbranson on Twitter and Instagram. Charles Umeh, the co-author of this book, is an international author, business coach, Speaker and teacher with a niche in business and personal development. As an International Author, his trademark first book “Breaking the coconut” tells an African story of grit, perseverance and inspiration, while his TED Talk “Think like a change maker’ is a clarion call to young people around Africa to be more responsible.  He hosts the BTC show, one of Africa’s top knowledge vault on business lessons for Africa’s upward and mobile Entrepreneurs and change makers, broadcast around Africa’s top media platforms and in over 13 African countries and the Caribbean. What are you waiting for? It is never too early to prepare yourself for the big steps of a lifetime. There’s so much to be done and much more you can get out of life. It’s not too late to start living by your success expectations now. Get a hold of this book, noodle on the nuggets, and start living! To order, kindly visit the following online book stores by clicking the following links: Amazon: The BIG 3.0: Life Nuggets You Need To Know Before You Are 30Barnes and Noble: The BIG 3.0: Life Nuggets You Need To Know Before You Are 30Waterstone: The BIG 3.0: Life Nuggets You Need To Know Before You Are 30ebay: The BIG 3.0: Life Nuggets You Need To Know Before You Are 30The post The Big 3.0 Review... Life Nuggets You Need To Know Before You Are 30 appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.
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