Sanofi Launches Internship Scheme For Fresh Graduates

Sanofi-Aventis Nigeria Ltd is an affiliate of Sanofi group - a global biopharmaceutical healthcare company focused on human health. Our purpose is to understand and solve the healthcare needs of people where we serve. Africa is a large continent with rich cultural diversity. Africa’s major resource is its large population of young people. For Africa to realize its growth agenda she must harness the talent of her young population and nurture them to become future professionals and leaders.  To reinforce our commitment to developing people with exceptional competences, Sanofi is pleased to launch an internship program, Sanofi JOY (Journey, Opportunities & You). This is an internship program targeted at  identifying and developing young talents into future business leaders. According to Folake Odediran - Sanofi General Manager (General Medicines) Nigeria-Ghana and Country Lead Nigeria - “Africa is replete with talented individuals who are desirous of opportunities to advance their careers and step change the fortunes of the continent. At Sanofi, we’ll help you realize your potential. Working alongside some of the brightest minds in our industry, you’ll learn and grow and be on your way toward becoming one of Africa’s next-generation business leaders”. The internship program is open to people who meet the following criteria:- Must have educational background in medicine, pharmacy or the social sciences.- Must be fresh graduates who are ready for their National Serviceor pharmacy internship by February 2021. Successful applicants can expect to receive up to 12 months of internship in a fast-paced multinational environment where they have opportunities to work on innovative projects and collaborate with people across other jurisdictions.Profiles of individuals who demonstrate outstanding performance during the internship program will be kept in our talent pool to be considered for employment when such opportunity becomes available.The post Sanofi Launches Internship Scheme For Fresh Graduates appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.
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