Mourinho still on Man Utd thrashing: We went for their jugular

Mourinho keeps quiet amid controversial Newcastle penalty

Tottenham boss, Jose Mourinho, has detailed the change of attitude over the course of their 6-1 victory at Manchester United.

Spurs enjoyed a stunning victory at Old Trafford on Sunday.

“First of all, in the first half, you look to go to the jugular, you look to go to the weakness,” explained Mourinho to the club’s website. “Don’t finish that first half with 2-1 and don’t give them time to be stable. Go for it.

“Then, in the second half, it’s about first of all to respect football. Football can betray you. Sometimes you don’t think things can happen, and yet they happen.

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“So, first of all, respect football, respect United, respect the tradition of this giant club, and play serious, serious.

“Don’t concede a goal, don’t lose the ball stupidly, and, of course, if you have the chance to find more space, which you are always going to find, just score more goals.”

Mourinho added: “It was an amazing performance, especially in the first half, the team was so aggressive, and after 2-1, we were aggressive and confident, with big personality.”

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