Dier, Mourinho laugh off bathroom break after Spurs Cup triumph

Tottenham defender, Eric Dier, has admitted he needed a bathroom break during their Carabao Cup win against Chelsea.

Dier mysteriously ran off the pitch midway through the second half forcing Spurs down to 10 men temporarily and nearly conceding a goal only for Callum Hudson-Odoi to blast over the bar.

Mourinho, appearing to notice that Dier had left the pitch, chased after the England international and was spotted by gesticulating to himself by Sky Sports’ camera in the tunnel as he entered the home dressing room.

Shortly after Mourinho entered, Dier was spotted jogging back to the field of play as Spurs fought their way back into the tie, with Erik Lamela’s goal forcing a penalty shootout which Tottenham clinched 5-4.

After the game, Dier joked: “I’m so happy, I’m proud of how we played apart from the first 15 minutes.

“We showed them too much respect but then we were fantastic.

“After playing on Sunday it wasn’t easy, maybe that’s the reason I had to run off but we got through it! All of the staff and the players put the effort into it.

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“Jose wasn’t happy but there was nothing I could do about it, nature was calling. I heard there was a chance while I was off the pitch but thankfully they didn’t score.”

Mourinho explained why he followed Dier and praised the centre-back for his efforts after playing the full 90 minutes against both Chelsea and Newcastle on Sunday.

“He had to go!” Mourinho said when asked about Dier’s situation.

“No other chance, he had to go. The backroom team can explain better than me, maybe it is a normal thing when you are completely dehydrated and when you have nothing in your muscles, which was the case.

“I knew he was trying to go, but I was waiting to have him back for the remaining time. He was a great example for everybody playing these two matches.”

Dier later received the man of the match award and decided to pay tribute to the toilet’s role in his performance with a post on Instagram.


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