Former Super Eagles striker eager to revive his dwindling career

Former Everton and Sunderland striker, Victor Anichebe, is warming up for football actions and he has decided to complete his ‘unfinished business’ in England.

Anichebe,32, last played competitive football in 2017 when he moved to China to play for Beijing Enterprises.

Last year, the ex-Nigeria international had a trial at League One club Doncaster Rovers which was not successful, however, he awaits the right opportunity in England after snubbing offers from abroad.

Anichebe scored 26 goals with 13 assists in 204 Premier League appearances for Everton, West Bromwich Albion, and Sunderland.

“I feel hungry to play but only if the right opportunity comes,” Anichebe told Sky Sports. “I am working on a lot of other things right now but if the right opportunity comes then I would definitely play.

“Last year I trained with my friend Darren Moore at Doncaster. It was really good to be in and around [the team atmosphere].

“It took me about a week to get the fitness but I felt good. I am looking forward, if the right opportunity comes, to getting back into it.

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“I have had a few options to go abroad but I feel I want to play in England. I feel like I have unfinished business in England. I would prefer to stay in England for another two years.

“Right now is the fittest I have ever been. We will see if a good opportunity comes and I’ll assess if I actually want to take it and we’ll go from there.”

Anichebe has been actively involved in the Black Lives Matter movement which confronts racism against black people.

He recently admitted the BLM march he attended in Liverpool has made him enrol for some courses, and he is now interested in buying a football club to make a statement.

“I would like to go down that route of owning a team,” he added.

“I do have a group of people that are quite wealthy guys and together we could come together and go down that route.”

“I spoke to Tim Howard, who is part of a group that bought a club in America and they also own a club here [in the UK].

“I don’t see why we can’t all come together [as players] and buy clubs. I do think that is another way to really affect change. Instead of wanting change, we can be change ourselves. We can place ourselves in those positions.”

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