Moses manager Conte missing COVID-19 test

Antonio Conte tells players how to have sex

Inter returned to training this week, but it’s reported Antonio Conte is still waiting for his COVID-19 swab test, so he has to keep away from his staff.

Former Chelsea coach Antonio Conte

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport and news agency ANSA, Conte has not yet undergone his double swab test, which means he cannot be given the all-clear to enter the Appiano Gentile training ground.

However, the coach could not resist seeing how the players are progressing after the long lockdown and found a corner where he could enter to keep a close eye on the training sessions.

All the players were negative for coronavirus and therefore allowed to resume training, albeit with social distancing measures.

They are able to run and exercise on the training turf, keeping at least a two-metre distance from the other players and staff.

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This is made possible thanks to the fact there are four different training pitches at Appiano Gentile and players are given staggered times to begin work.

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