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How to Make $1000 Reselling Gift Cards In Nigeria

How to Make $1000 Reselling Gift Cards In NigeriaThis is a sponsored post.. The economic condition of Nigeria means that it is essential to search for an alternative source of income instead of the usual traditional jobs. On average, a typical job for a university graduate begins at 40,000 Naira, which is around $121. This amount is not enough to take care of basic needs, especially if you live in an expensive city like Lagos or Abuja. I was in an exact situation last year, after finishing my youth service, I was offered a job that paid 30,000 Naira ($90). Since the job was a low paying job, I began to look for means to get an alternative source of income. I was advised to check online for opportunities from a friend, and I began to read the information on how to make extra income. That was how I stumbled on a golden opportunity that transformed my life and income. I got to know about gift card reselling as an alternative source of income and read extensively about the benefits and processes. BONUS: Buy Bitcoin in Nigeria Using CoinCola and Get 0.0001 Bitcoin Bonus Instantly What is a Gift card? I would highlight in this article what gift card is about and how you can make $1000 from reselling it. Gift cards are preloaded debit cards that are issued by online stores, electronic stores, or grocery stores to customers as an incentive to continue buying from them. Sometimes shops issue gift cards to customers as an alternative to cash. This makes it a valuable card because it comes in different ranges. Most gift cards range from $5-$100. This means that you don’t need a huge amount of money to begin gift card reselling business. By the way, I started with 3200 Naira ($10). What is the Profit Margin for Gift Card Business? You would be wondering if a business such as gift card reselling would have a good profit range for resellers, I would provide a practical example of how it works. You can source out gift cards from people willing to sell on a cheap. One secret is that there are many Nigerians that have gift cards that they don’t use. Just check and offer excellent bargains for their gift cards.For example, if the person has a $10 gift card that he has little use for, you can always offer $5 to purchase the gift card. After purchasing the gift card, you would need to take it to a reseller site where you can sell it for $9 which would amount to a profit of $4 for that transaction. If you start with higher amounts your profit margins increase and you could hit the $1000 mark after several transactions. Best Gift Card reselling platform  However, for you to get the best deals and easy access to reselling your gift card, you would need an online platform that is secure and pays in naira. The gift card platform that I recommend for your transactions is CoinCola. What is CoinCola? CoinCola is an OTC (Over the Counter) Bitcoin trading platform that also doubles as an exchange for gift card trading. This means that you can buy bitcoin and other popular coins on the site as well as selling your gift cards, including iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Google Play gift cards, Steam wallet gift cards, and more.  The Gift Card Trading Zone on CoinCola The HongKong based platform is one of the new exchanges that has entered the African market and is the platform that I have been using since the turn of the year. Why I Prefer CoinCola? I have tried other gift card exchange platforms but settled on CoinCola due to the following benefits Easy Payment in Naira CoinCola enables gift card sellers to receive funds directly to their bank account. This is an excellent feature for Nigerians as other platforms you would need to transfer from the account to a PayPal or Payoneer account. By the time you receive your fund, it would have become lower in value due to transaction fees on these payment platforms. With CoinCola I receive my funds directly to my bank accounts giving me full value for my transactions. Secure platform CoinCola takes the security of users transactions seriously and deploys state of the art security protocols to protect buyers and sellers. The platform has little to no history of scams on its platform, which is an important issue plaguing other platforms. Exchange gift Card for BitcoinCoinCola also allows you to exchange your gift cards for Bitcoin. There are lots of Chinese buyers on the platform who are willing to buy your gift cards at a high price and also exchange for Bitcoin. You are also given a free Bitcoin wallet where you can store your Bitcoin after exchange. In conclusion, I would advise that you take action and begin your gift card selling experience on CoinCola platform. Registration is free, and you would have access to an interactive platform with lots of options to sell your gift card. CoinCola WhatsAPP groupCoinCola APP for iOSCoinCola APP for Android  The post How to Make $1000 Reselling Gift Cards In Nigeria appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.

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