Shocking moment real gun was mistakenly used during school drama rehearsal

This is the shocking moment a real gun was mistakenly used during a school drama, turning the play to a tragedy.The students of a school in Moscow, Russia, were rehearsing comedy play Troubles with a Gentle Heart when the accident occurred at the school. Rather than use a prop for his part, a student mistakenly used a real gun, leaving another student injured. Nikita Chernykh, 14, was left screaming in agony after being hit on the nose and the back of his head. He was rushed to hospital after the shooting where he was in a stable condition. It is believed the firearm involved was a pneumatic gun, widely used for self-protection in Russia. However, the school has denied it saying that it was just a toy. Classmate Maria said: "Nikita was screaming from pain, his nose was bleeding. We all got scared. Teachers bandaged his nose and called an ambulance."  In the video shared online, Nikita is seen playing his role when Mikhail Pronin climbed on stage and fired at him twice with a gun. He immediately knew something was wrong when Nikita turned and doubled over in pain. He then ran to check out what was wrong with his mate. A police source said: "Both bullets hit him in the head, but luckily the traumas were not too serious."Nikita’s mother said: "I am still puzzled by the fact that there was a gun at school rehearsals. I was told about what happened by teachers."My son was given medical help and then sent back home. One of the bullets hurt his nose, another one hit the back of his head." School director Ilya Novokreshchenov said: "The boys were fooling about with a toy gun, and one of the plastic bullets got inside the nose."He added that the school was running extra health and safety sessions for all pupils after the accident.Watch the moment the accident occurred in the video below. The post Shocking moment real gun was mistakenly used during school drama rehearsal appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.
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