Do more with Lighting Africa Quality-Verified Solar Products

In some parts of Africa, there has been a need for alternatives to on-grid power supply.  Some live in hard-to-reach areas, while in other parts, businesses are forced to shut down when the day gets dark.Lighting Africa, a World Bank/IFC initiative, has been promoting the use of quality-verified solar products in both rural and urban communities, putting the power to do more in the hands of everyone. This initiative has currently covered 22 states in Nigeria, with Associates and Distributors in many cities.The message is promoting the core benefits of quality-verified solar products- clean, easy to use, affordable, safe, and guaranteed to last. The quality-verified products listed under this project have undergone series of quality checks and rigorous tests to validate the guarantee.Some of the associate manufacturers collaborating with Lighting Africa in Nigeria are Greenlight planet, d.light, SmarterGrid, Ovsolar, Villageboom and Voltze.  Each of them have quality verified products.Lighting Africa annually verifies that these standards are upheld.To encourage widespread adoption and use, the Lighting Africa Initiative has partnered with a number of microfinance organizations to make product acquisition easy and flexible.There is a quality-verified solar product for everyone, from portable desk lamps, units with phone charging capabilities, fans, TVs and even full home systems that combine multiple features.For more details, visit:;  and call: 08027475561 for enquiries.”The post Do more with Lighting Africa Quality-Verified Solar Products appeared first on Linda Ikeji Blog.
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